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Training RoomThe main objective of the sports medicine staff is the prevention of injury. Steps are taken in UT's program to become knowledgeable of the weak points of every athlete, such as recurring ankle sprains or persistent shin splints. When injuries do occur, the UT staff and its resources are ready to get an athlete back into action as soon as possible.

The Rocket athletic training staff is made up of specialists in prevention techniques, whether it be the normal routine of taping ankles and administering knee braces, to more specialized methods such as rehabilitating shoulder injuries and alleviating chronic back problems. The staff is trained to provide quick, accurate evaluations and expertise for treatment with the aid of excellent facilities and resources. While the sports medicine staff tries to return student-athletes to the playing field quickly, they do so only after they are convinced there is no further risk of injury.

WhirlpoolsInjured student-athletes return to participation only when they are able to function on the field of play. The ability to function on the court or on the field or in the pool is the basis of all the rehabilitation done in the Rockets' athletic training rooms. Jennifer Miller serves as the staff physical therapist for Rocket Athletics. Her expertise adds to the overall goal of returning our athletes to competition as safely and quickly as possible. The ability to function on the court is the basis of all the rehabilitation done Savage Arena athletic training room. There are various pieces of equipment and tools found there to accomplish this. The equipment attempts to simulate the same type of stress that is encountered while participating in a sport. Athletic trainers work to create an environment which is safe and yet conducive to the return of student-athletes to competition.

Training RoomAmong the latest pieces of equipment in the Larimer Athletic Complex is apparatus to work on core stabilization. This is the latest trend in injury prevention and performance enhancement. Both Larimer and Savage training rooms also contain ultrasound units, muscle stimulators, nerve stimulators, whirlpools, pneumatic pumps, contrast baths and other treatment modalities. Taping areas and physician examination rooms are also found in both Larimer and Savage.

The athletic training staff consists of five full-time certified athletic trainers, one physical therapist and five certified graduate assistant athletic trainers. Assistant athletic director for sports medicine Brian Jones works directly with the men's basketball program.

Training RoomDr. Roger Kruse serves as the University of Toledo team physician. Kruse is also a drug-crew chief on the U.S. Olympic Committee and served on the medical team at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillihammer, Norway, and the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

As a result of the merger of the University of Toledo and the Medical College of Ohio in 2006, the University Medical Center has become very involved in providing health care services to all University of Toledo student-athletes. Experts from all areas of medicine are readily available to provide University quality health care to all of our student-athletes.