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Photo of Ericka LavenderEricka Lavender, Assistant Athletic Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services

Lavender is in her second year as assistant athletic director for Student-Athlete Academic Services. She is responsible for the daily operations of the Rocket Academic Center and will coordinate academic support for her assigned student-athletes.

Photo of Stacy Bowers Stacy Bowers, Academic Coordinator

Bowers is in her 21st year with Student-Athlete Academic Services as an Academic Coordinator. Bowers coordinates academic services for her assigned student-athletes. In addition, Bowers helps to organize Rocket Launch (new student orientation) and serves on the Intercollegiate Committee on Advising (ICA).

Photo of Jillian Lehman Jillian Lehman, Academic Coordinator

Jillian Lehman is in her first year as athletic academic coordinator & coordinator for student-athlete development. In addition to monitoring the academic progress of student-athletes, she will be responsible for coordinating community services and planning programming for UT student-athletes to prepare them for life after sport.

Photo of Ashleigh Hayes Ashleigh Hayes, Learning Specialist and Tutorial Coordinator

Ashleigh Hayes is in her first year with Student-Athlete Academic Services as a Learning Specialist and Tutoral Coordinator. Hayes monitors the academic tutoring needs of all Rocket student-athletes and will serve as a resource and support system to any individuals who may have learning concerns.